Catalina 270

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Drawing of the Catalina 27 or Catalina 270The Catalina 270, aka Catalina 27, is a very popular model because of its size and functional design. Catalina Yachts put a lot of thought into the design of this beauty and the quality is highly sought after by prospective owners. One of our favorite design incorporations was the ease of maintenance for Catalina 270 owners! The designers at Catalina Yacht really went out of their way to ensure that you will be able to spend more time enjoying life under the sail than maintaining and cleaning your sailboat.

Catalina 270 Specs

We have listed the manufacturers specs in the image below. Although the Catalina 270 is no longer in production, Catalina Yachts will be releasing the Catalina 275 in Fall 2013 for buyers looking to buy a new yacht!

Catalina 270 Sailboat Specs

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